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business planning melbourneMelbourne Business Planning: At different time of the year business owners will find themselves either reflecting back on the last 12 months. Some will be thinking about all of the wonderful things they have achieved, but my experience tells me that there are many more thinking “same stuff different day”. Or perhaps another way to phrase it “Groundhog day”.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about you need to see the movie Groundhog Day, but let me quickly paraphrase it. Basically an arrogant, self centred  TV weatherman, played by Bill Murray, gets stuck waking up each morning starting the same day over again, and not just a few times but possibly hundreds of times.

Eventually he gets unstuck after finally learning from his mistakes and eliminating them one by one, until he eventually he lives the perfect day. (2nd of February or Groundhog Day).

If you feel stuck in the same day, year after year, why don’t you take a leaf out of the weatherman’s book and get a PLAN to get unstuck

Melbourne Business Planning

If you ask Melbourne business owners about Business Planning, you’ll find that around 30% will have no idea what you are talking about. A further 30% will say that they are aware it’s something they need to do, but are not sure how to go about it. Another 30% have already implemented some form of Business Planning, but are not inviting all stakeholders to take part and also don’t follow up on it enough to be effective.

That leaves 10% of Melbourne business owners who do treat Business Planning with the significance it deserves. These are the business owners that know exactly which direction they want their business to take and are fully prepared to rectify anything that arises to take them off course, before it’s too late.

The simple truth is that Business Planning is not nearly as complicated or time-consuming as you may think and it is definitely not something you should avoid because you are unclear on how to proceed.

There are numerous templates to help you get started. I can make available to you a very basic template if you’d like to contact me. You can have it complimentary you’ll just need to fill out the contact form by going to the contact me page and request it by placing “Business Planning template” in the subject field

Alternatively, you may prefer a personal consultation and help developing a Business Planning process specifically for your business, if so please give me a call on: 0418 339 757

How can I help with your Business Planning in Melbourne?

My name is Brett Burden and I am professional Melbourne Business Planning Coach and Business Coach with over 20 years experience of helping Melbourne business owners to get the most out of their businesses. (See early video here).

The one piece of advice I would encourage you to consider, when developing Business Planning for your business, is to ensure you involve as many members of your team as possible. By doing this, you’ll strengthen the buy-in of staff members and by actively encouraging their participation you’ll help to support any Team Building programs you already have in place.

And remember… Business Planning is vital for all Melbourne businesses, both large and small.

What should you do next? Simply arrange a day where you can gather all key stakeholders together and I give me a call, I’ll help organise the rest.

Give me a call on 0418 339 757 to get started today

Happy hunting.
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