Results Driven Coaching

We work with those business owners who have the hunger, drive and energy to succeed, who want to put everything they have into their business to make it better than the best. We know how to put you on the winning track and keep you there.

It’s not what we say it’s what they say about us that counts. Our clients can attest to the fact that our coaching actually works. No gimmicks or tricks. Our program is about taking your hard work and producing solid results.

Experience business coaching first hand by booking in your FREE Discovery and Strategy session here. It’s a great start to the WIN Coaching Program and to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

The WIN Coaching Program
for business owners who are ready to do
Whatever Is Necessary (WIN)

The WIN program is a one-of-a-kind, coaching program that works. It has been developed by our business coaches by selecting the very best in practises over the last decade whilst working with many different business owners.

How do we know it works? We have countless number of clients who have seen amazing growth in their businesses after undertaking this unique coaching approach.

The WIN Coaching Program sees results like no other however it’s not for everyone. That’s why to find out if it is a good fit for you, we take time out to discuss your business starting from where it currently stands to where you ultimately want it to be.

What you'll get

  • A highly experienced coach with over 10 years experience
  • A strategic plan of action
  • 90 day cyclical milestones to check and measure
  • Weekly formal coaching sessions to track and assess your progress
  • Unlimited access to your coach
  • Essential workshops; and
  • Further learning for you to undertake.

Your coach will wear many hats for you - being an objective sounding board, telling you truthfully when you’re off track, becoming a long term mentor and urging you on, every step of the way.

WIN is a RISK FREEprogram and comes with our Money Back Guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

We are very confident in our business coaching and have seen many successes. However, if after fully participating in the WIN Coaching Program, you find coaching isn’t making the difference you would expect, send us a letter to that effect and the coaching fees will be refunded.

Risk Free and Guaranteed. Try it for yourself.

To get a taste of how the coaching process works book your Discovery and Strategy session. It’s offered FREE as part of the WIN Coaching Program where you spend an hour with a coach ask as many questions as you like.

After you book your session, your coach will need you to do what’s called “pre-work” and fill out a questionnaire in preparation for your meeting. It will cover areas of your business such as sales, customer service, and your team. The more accurate you are the more you get out of the session. When you meet with your coach for approximately an hour, you’ll discuss, analyse, investigate further, the findings of your pre-work and other aspects of your business.

All information gathered will only be used for coaching purposes and is in accordance with the Privacy Act.

What you get after your trial session

After you’ve done the Discovery and Strategy session you’ll receive the outcome directly via a coach. An assessment will be carried out based on your results where opportunities will be identified. Based on all your information, we will determine two things:

  1. In the case where your business is the right fit for the WIN Coaching Program, your coach will get started with you straight away, to help you make your business how you always wanted.
  2. Should your business situation not match the WIN Coaching Program your coach will discuss this with you. You’ll also be provided with information revealed in your pre-work such as your strengths, weaknesses and 2 to 3 business growth strategies.

The strategies recommended are tailored for you from your data. Because not all businesses are the same, the strategies aren’t a one-size-fits-all. They are designed to address the specific challenges your business is facing today.

This is a risk free session which means if your coach finds this program isn't suitable for you, you will still receive a package containing a summary of findings and strategic plan.

Meet our greatest assets. Our Clients

We take our confidence from our clients, and what they have been able to achieve as a result of business coaching. Their wins are our reward.

Listen to some of their stories here. If you want to contact a client of ours we’ll put you in touch with them.

Meet the coaches

Experience matters

We know that each business is different and as such, our experience really does matter. We have achieved amazing results for a multitude of businesses across a variety of industries.

Brett Burden

Brett is a quintessential entrepreneur starting in his 20's as a licensed telecommunications reseller. His business grew to the point that other business leaders invited Brett to share his thoughts on areas such as leadership, sales and marketing and this is where he made a natural transition to mentoring. Brett went on to join two partners and founded My Access, an Internet service provider that joined the Best of the Best in Australia in 2002. He sold his profitable business in 2005 and after a well deserved break, he was invited to relay his success story as a mentor. He is now a key partner in the Centre of Influence Asia Pacific Pty Ltd alongside Keith Collins and Michael Rady.

Keith Collins

Building from the ground up is Keith's trademark. He started in hospitality working for his family owned business before even entering his 20's. He attended business school to underpin his practical knowledge and started his own home services business which included commercial painting, maintenance, tree removal and landscaping. He grew his business with the aid of a business coach and over the course of running his business Keith was also advising, mentoring and helping a personal network of business owners. After he sold his business he continued to mentor and coach many other businesses for what has now become over 15 years. Today, he works alongside Brett Burden and Michael Rady, as a key partner in the Centre of Influence Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.

Michael Rady

Michael’s accumulated and in-depth business management experience has seen him acquire, build and sell a variety organisations. After an already impressive 15-year corporate career Michael developed MA Agencies, a manufacturers agency in the 1990s. He then went on to found the Utilities Management Group and consulted to major corporations including all levels of Government. This company was eventually sold to a larger conglomerate, Sirius Ltd. Michael’s penchant for acquisition continued in property development, and a joint partnership in a hospitality training company which saw him training its members on a range of business and sales skills. Michael then made the natural transition into business coaching, for what has now been, over 12 years. Today he is a key business partner with Brett Burden and Keith Collins in the Centre of Influence Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.

More on Discovery and Strategy Session

Discovering what’s holding your business back from being your dream business, means taking the time to ask some simple yet effective questions. The ‘pre-work’ required in the Discovery section is a series of questions designed to do exactly that. Find your areas of constraint. Looking at what might not be obvious to you now, but may turn out to be invaluable information.

The Strategy section of your session is your chance to really experience how business coaching works. Our Senior Coaches have over 10 years of experience and many successful clients. We also work at a pace that’s most comfortable to you. Gathering insights from your ‘pre-work’ data, we formulate a unique strategy for your business. This strategy or plan, is by no means a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. We have plenty of experience and tools at our disposal to address complex of issues. The information that you provide is handled in accordance with the Privacy Act and is used only for coaching purposes.

After your session is complete and you decide to become of a client with us, we’ll take a deeper look and collect data from various touch points from your business. This provides a truer representation of where you are currently positioned, enabling a precise plan within which to drive your business activities. This stage, referred to as Alignment, will be further explained to you by your coach.